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About The Board

The Da Vinci BodyBoard is a ground-breaking new fitness system designed to deliver superior strength training and cardio. The “Opposing Tension” system allows for hundreds of different exercises with a core focus that is unbeatable!

Da Vinci BodyBoards In The News


"The most amazing fitness system I have tried in years and, as the trainer for Dr. Oz, I see everything!" 
Joel Harper, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

“After just 20 minutes I could feel almost every muscle of my body!!!  A great way to have that complete daily workout especially for those with limited time in their schedules. Loved it, what a clever invention!”
Emily B., Pilates Instructor

“Love the DaVinci BodyBoard!  The counter resistance of the bands makes sense in my body. I felt challenged and worked in ways that I haven’t been before.  The band dancing is a low impact fun way to get in cardio and I loved it, and I officially don’t usually like cardio!”
Lissy W., RN


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What is a class like?
Class size is up to 4-8 students on a board, utilizing resistance bands from all sides of the board for a full body and varied workout. Classes are fun and invigorating! You will see and feel the difference in your body, build cardio endurance and support weight loss. With an endless amount of possible exercises on the BodyBoard, expect each class to be unique and a fun challenge for your body!
What results should I expect from the DaVinci BodyBoard classes?
The classes are designed to build long and lean muscles without tearing the muscle. The BodyBoard also reaches the smaller muscles that support your joints, creating a body with a more complete and balanced muscle structure. In addition to building and toning muscle, the BodyBoard workouts promote weight loss and can help to improve balance and posture.
How long are classes and why?
Classes are 25-30 minutes long. Our bodies don’t recognize exercise instinctually. The body interprets long, draining workouts as a struggle to find food so it tries to get rid of muscles and hold onto fat. These long duration workouts also send the stress hormone Cortisol to the cardiovascular system which can be damaging over time. Instead, the DaVinci BodyBoard offers short intense workouts that feed your muscles and get rid of fat by sending the body the message that it can get food quickly and efficiently. Smart Fitness! Your body starts to work for you!
How many classes per week are recommended?
The BodyBoard system combines strength training and cardio in one short workout system and is safe and encouraged to be done daily. This facilitates a more habit-forming exercise regime. However, you do not have to take classes every day to see results. It is recommended to take at least 2-3 classes per week to really see and feel results. With the short time commitment, it’s easier than ever to fit in a workout multiple times per week!
Can I take DaVinci BodyBoard classes if I’m a beginner or out of shape?
Yes, almost anyone can take the BodyBoard classes. Students are encouraged to move at their own level. If you need to adjust tension or move at a slower pace, do what feels right for your body. You want to push yourself enough to get results without injury. Just follow the routines and go at your own pace. If you are unsure about your physical capabilities, you should consult a physician before engaging in any exercise program.
Can I use the BodyBoard if I am recovering from surgery?
Our studio requires a doctor’s note after recent surgeries and it is suggested to take a few private sessions for a safe recovery from any surgery. Once you are ready, the BodyBoards are a great way to bounce back. Consult your doctor and/or physical therapist before beginning any exercise regime.
Can I do private sessions on the DaVinci BodyBoard?
Most certainly! If interested in setting up a private DaVinci BodyBoard session please give our studio a call and we will help to get that set up for you!
Are there prerequisites?
Da Vinci BodyBoard is a high intensity, fast paced workout. For this reason we highly recommend an Initial Private Pilates or Da Vinci BodyBoard session before your first class to help you connect to your core and keep your workouts safe.

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